Copernicus initiated the development of astronomy

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The development of Maritime links required more and more accurate astronomical calculations. The theory of Ptolemy this was not allowed, although for reconciliation with the increased accuracy of the observations it had to be difficult. The theory of Ptolemy became unwieldy, cumbersome calculations, and yet accurate enough, however, felt and implausible.

To establish that the Earth is a planet, and thus to open people's eyes on her movement and true place in the Universe managed brilliant Polish scholar Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543).

Copernicus came to believe that the Earth moves that the observed motion of the heavenly bodies can be easier and better to explain, if we consider the motion of the Earth.

Becoming on this view, Copernicus explained the sunrise and the sunset light diurnal rotation of the Earth, and the apparent motion of the Sun relative to the stars - annual rotation of the Earth around the Sun. According to Copernicus, and all other planets move around the Sun and not around the Earth.

Thus, the Earth, on the theory of Copernicus, was one of the planets, occupying the third place from the Sun. The order of the planets from the Sun: mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The Copernican system with the Sun at the center called the heliocentric (Helios - Greek - Sun).

His doctrine of Copernicus initiated the development of astronomy on a completely new basis and has led mankind to study nature, not paying attention to the ignorant Church teachings. Before Copernicus Church teachings or doctrine, which was supported by the Church (for example, the doctrine of Ptolemy), arrested development not only in astronomy, but also other Sciences. Opening Copernicus made a revolution in the mindset of people in their understanding of the nature and ways of its cognition. That is why since then and other Sciences started to develop faster.
Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543).
F. Engels spoke of it this way: "What in the religious field was burned Luther papal bulls, the natural Sciences were great work of Copernicus, which he, albeit timidly, after a 36-year fluctuations and, so to speak, on his deathbed,- has challenged the Church superstition. Since that time, the study of nature is essentially free from religion, although the final clarification of all details lasted until the present time... But since then, and the development of science went giant steps..."

While in the Soviet Union develops cutting edge science, in the capitalist countries in the interests of religion, supported by the propertied classes, often put forward various reactionary theory. There still often try to refute the essence of the teachings of Copernicus, arguing that does not matter whether the Earth around the Sun or the Sun around the Earth. Thus strive in disguised form to return to the anti-scientific notions of the middle ages, to restore the authority of religion attitudes to nature. See at seo miami company.

The development of natural science step by step refute the lies of religion. Man, armed with science and technology, to subdue the forces of nature and makes adjustments to it in accordance with its tasks. However, the struggle with religious ideology cannot be stopped, and now, as decaying capitalism supports all kinds of superstitions.