Alanis morissette ironic funny

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Alanis morissette ironic funny

That was so easy, there's no way I'm giving Miss Thing credit for it. Ironic quickly grew cult status and became a standard joke because of the supposedly "ironic" situations described in the song, not actually being ironic. Alanis gets half a point for the setup, but because she only sketchily implies the irony, we cannot grant her full credit. However, considering the bubble-gum-pop nature of the song it is not as ironic as it would have been had the song been intended as a serious examination of irony. The pretty young Public Defender, after years of searching, finally discovers the blood-stained sand wedge the cattle rancher's son used in the murders, covered up and down with his incriminating fingerprints.

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Alanis Morissette - Ironic (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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Alanis morissette ironic funny

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