Why does the belly button smell funny

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Why does the belly button smell funny

I slowly backed off, turned, and went to the kitchen door; then I turned back. When a guy at the pool said, "Hey, dig the tits on that chick," I made a damn fool of myself, babbling, "Wow! Black people are looked down upon because many of them remain in impoverished situations after the past hundred years of oppression and colonization. Yes, it was Janice! It rained down on her heavy breasts and the shiny dome of the great belly that hung between her cradling knees; and all the while, she looked up at me with a happy, loving expression. I was suddenly embarrassed, but I found my courage and slowly, shyly, stood up straight, my enormous boner flying high.

Why does the belly button smell funny

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PSA 5 Smelly Belly Buttons - Nov 10th 2010

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