Soulwax no fun push it

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Soulwax no fun push it

Duoteque — Duoteque 9. This song makes the body feel buoyant as the animations dance around the room, immersing you in the deep cyber sea journey. Lots of sloppy segues and ill-advised combos from me follow, although the little double-time set with the two Fatboy Slim-utilizing mashups became a favorite mini-set for the remainder of the show. Kicking off, I still enjoy the chug of Deep Purple over the stomp of the Gorillaz beat, and while segues in this episode are often quick slams, there are clever little tricks all along the way to keep the flow going. Whatsername Susanna Hoffs Commentary: Instead, I put My Humps over Elastica. Nothing against the individual elements--the two Weezer boots starting off the show are worth a listen, and Lyrics Born is always delightful but this was thankfully my final attempt at trying to do something with his "Just Raw" pella.

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